Heat Holders Thermal Tights

It’s cold. So cold. I’m cold all the time. At home it takes a while for me to warm up. At work I’m always freezing. I live in Uniqlo Heattech tops and jeans to try and stay warm before I give up and switch to thermals. Ah, thermals. Those unattractive undergarments you hide underneath your regular clothes to attempt to stay warm. Those attractive shades of beige, right?

Wrong! Read on to find more about the Heat Holders Thermal Tights I’ve been sent to review.

Heat Holders Thermal Tights

Heat Holders Thermal Tights are my kind of tights – thick black ones which don’t fall down (always a problem when you’re tall like me). I was offered a pair to review, and having bought a couple of skirts for myself in the sales I knew a good time to try them out would be on a trip to the park.

This wasn’t just any trip though. This was as the cold, icy winds were making their way towards London. Oh they were bitter. This would be the kind of weather I’d probably try and put my waterproof trousers on over my jeans for extra warmth. The park we visited is in the middle of Banstead, but still gets a lot of wind thanks to the open space.

Heat Holders Thermal Tights

The verdict? Freaking marvellous! I had such warm legs!! This was a whole new experience for me – tights I’ve worn in the past are generally 80 denier and vaguely warm until it gets chilly. This time I was toasty warm all over – and it was Shaun and H who both wanted to leave the park first due to being cold. I’m really impressed, they’re lovely and thick (140 denier), come in four sizes (small, medium, large, extra large) and have a tog of 0.52. We’re not talking duvet warm, but we’re talking warm.

The Heat Holders thermal tights wash well and so far I’ve had no issues with snagging. In fact, my only issue is that I need more pairs – at £8 they’re not cheap, but having tried them I’m going to get myself another pair, if only to be able to wear more skirts again!

Heat Holders Thermal Tights can be bought from the Sock Shop for £8 a pair.

Heat Holders Thermal Tights

We were sent a pair for the purpose of review – all opinions are my very toasty own.

My 1st Years – 100% Suede Sheepskin Booties

My 1st years is a company that, having seen a gap in the market, specialises in personalised baby gifts. They offer high quality items that would make the perfect gift or keepsake.

My 1st years








I was very excited at the prospect of reviewing this item. I had never thought about getting anything personalised for Jacob previously, making these booties very special. When I’d realised I had received a recorded delivery, I raced to open the packaging and was not disappointed. Inside was a beautiful blue box, which I thought was a really nice touch. All items ordered from this company will be packaged in such a way. It might be a bit sad to say but I fully intend to keep this box for Jacobs special things.

The boots themselves are gorgeous. The materials that My 1st Years uses are top notch, the insides soft and incredibly comfortable. It is lovely to have something that is just for Jacob.

My 1st years 2My 1st years 3















The fit you ask? Well unfortunately that was the problem. The boots come in 2 sizes, 3-12 months and 12-24 months… and that’s it. At 18 months Jacob is a size 5 which, from what I gather from nosing at other children’s shoe sizes, is a little above average. When it came to putting the boot onto to Jacobs foot the boot came up small, not much but obviously I wasn’t willing to force it on. I would guess the boot is a size 4. It’s annoying as it’s such a nice product and I was very excited about Jacob wearing them. I refuse to give them away as they are so beautiful so I’ve decided to keep them in case we have another child (though I won’t be taking my husbands suggestion of also calling our next one Jacob!).

In essence this is a lovely company, with well thought out products and is well worth a look, especially as the range is so good. My only advice, to avoid disappointment, is to call to check sizes, if in any doubt.

Orders over £30 qualify for free standard delivery in the UK, for those under £30 delivery is £3 for 1st class and £5 for recorded. The boots tested cost £30, though other colours come in at £25. Personalisation on all products is free.

I was sent this item for the purpose of review, all opinions are my own

Hello Baby – A Review


We had an opportunity to review something from Hello Baby – and chose a swimsuit for H. She’s been having swimming lessons since she was nine months and the obvious choice was the Zoggs Swim Free swimsuit as it’s a full body suit and is nice and warm too, handy when you have lessons and it’s cold, especially at this time of year. However, as we’re finding now, H being three and a half and tall means she doesn’t often fit into things which are suitable for three-year olds (they had a 2-3 suit left in stock) and we’re slowly outgrowing stores which supply things for babies and toddlers – so the suit was too small for us to properly try out.

Fortunately it wasn’t a problem – we were able to pass on the suit to another girl in our old swimming classes who is using the suit now and thinks it’s fab (and is nice and warm) – and anyone who uses swimming pools will know the Zoggs brand are a good brand!

As far as price goes, £14.99 is a good price and delivery was quick. They offer free shipping on orders over £50 and have a great selection of brands and ranges. I’d recommend taking a look if you’re looking for things for your baby or toddler as I liked their choice.

You can find Hello Baby on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter