Disneyland Paris – Auberge de Cendrillon

We’re back from Disneyland Paris having managed to surprise H. She had no idea she was going either! For H’s birthday we visited Auberge de Cendrillon – a Disney Princess dining experience.
auberge de cendrillon

Auberge de Cendrillon is behind the Disney castle, and is a restaurant where you can meet Disney Princesses. It’s quite pricey, but as a birthday treat it was worth it. Plus we didn’t have to queue to meet the characters.

We booked H in on her birthday, but had one problem – all her Disney Princess dresses were too small for her. Oh, and she had gone off Frozen. Luckily I had a beautiful Elsa dress sent from Disney which was ideal! H saw it and immediately forgot that she had gone off Frozen, and felt like a princess when she wore it. It is an impressive dress too which captures the spirit of Elsa’s dress.

H in front of the Disneyland Castle

There are two problems with the dress – not major ones, but ones to be aware of. The brooch on the front plays ‘Let It Go’ when you press it, though is difficult to remove. You can do it by unscrewing it, which is a bit of a faff but it means the brooch stays on. Then there’s the glitter which features all over the dress. Glitter is the bane of my life when it comes to crafting – you can’t remove the stuff, it gets everywhere. But then when at Disneyland it’s just magic dust, right?

The dress packed down small which was good, so we were able to hide it in our suitcases. Once we had done our big reveal, we told H what we had planned – including Auberge de Cendrillon. “But I don’t have a princess dress to wear!” she said – and we proved her wrong.

On her birthday morning it was hot – in the mid-30s. Maybe not the best day to wear a gorgeous princess dress – but H did. We kept her hydrated, but brought a change of clothes for afterwards which worked.

menus at Auberge de CendrillonThe main test was how princessy she would feel at Auberge de Cendrillon. There’s the menu. It’s pretty special for younger kids, and fine for adults too. You can use hotel meal vouchers to lower the cost as well which helped. Add to that we had ordered her a birthday cake, and we knew we were going to be well fed. The menu changes a lot, so it may be worth checking online beforehand.

H meets the Disney Princesses at Auberge de Cendrillon

We also didn’t know which princesses she would meet! First up was Belle who was friendly and chatty, but H was a bit shy, a bit overwhelmed and hadn’t warmed up. Our meal started with some Amuse-bouche, delicious cheese puffs. Our drink was a juice, the Princes Cocktail.

By the time Cinderella made it to our table H was far more chatty – and felt quite special. I felt pretty full by now, despite not eating that much… and it was going to get worse!

Auberge de Cendrillon dining and cake and dancing

Auberge de Cendrillon is a lovely restaurant, with space for the characters to visit. Every hour or so they also do a little dance on the main floor space. This was just around the corner from our table, but wasn’t a problem.

Aurora and Prince Philip were the last Disney Princess/Prince to visit us, and H was chatty by now! Suzy and Perla, the two mice from Cinderella popped by too. H loved it!

Suzy and Perla at Auberge de Cendrillon

We had a salad before our main course, and finally the dessert. H’s food was served on a Mickey Mouse plate which she thought was pretty cool.

We had ordered a birthday cake for our meal which is suitable for up to 8 people. There was just the three of us… let’s just say we were completely stuffed! Having the desserts in addition to the cake was a bit too much for us – so be prepared to come out of Auberge de Cendrillon extremely full.

I loved H’s dessert, a white chocolate shoe with chocolate cream piped into it, but she had to leave it. We couldn’t take it with us as it would have melted!

Being as stuffed as we were, there was only one way to finish the meal, with a nice peppermint tea. It helped – I didn’t need to eat anything else that day! In all, we spent two hours at Auberge de Cendrillon, and after meal vouchers it cost us around £130. Bear in mind, the Disney birthday cake cost about £30 of that.

H loved the experience too – and it was good to get away from the heat outside when it was at its highest. The food was delicious, the vegetarian option was good, and there was enough to keep H busy. I’d recommend Auberge de Cendrillon to anyone considering it when visiting Disneyland Paris.

The Elsa dress from Disney Stores is this one and it currently retails for £34.99. It made H feel like a princess, and indeed the amount of detail that it has makes it something worth purchasing. It is ideal for a special occasion.

Minnie Mouse Tea Pot Playset Review

We were sent a Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset to review, read on to find out our thoughts!

Minnie Mouse tea pot playsetHow do you keep a BIG secret from a six year old? Like, a really big secret? Like, you will be going to Disneyland Paris on her birthday and she doesn’t have a clue? Especially when she says things like “well, hopefully I’ll like Disney next year” when we said we might be able to do it then.

I like to think I’m a clever mummy, I try not to state the obvious as much as I can (which probably means I do), and will often buy things so H can get to the conclusion I want her to in her own time. It seems to work… I am a master of puppetry controlling my girl from afar. Or maybe not. So when Disney offered us a Minnie Mouse Tea Pot Playset to review I jumped at the chance – as H doesn’t have a tea set – and she loves Minnie Mouse (and eek, she’s going to meet her VERY SOON!)

Minnie Mouse tea pot playset

When I was nine I went to play at a schoolfriends house, and his sister had a teddy bear’s tea party. I thought it was babyish… shame on me. But it made me realise H has never had one herself, which is I think, an even bigger shame on me. Doesn’t every child need a tea set to have pretend tea parties with their toys? This Minnie Mouse Tea Pot Playset does the trick.

Minnie Mouse tea pot playset

I really like the Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset – mainly because it all packs inside a giant teapot for easy storage. H enjoys tidying up! When we received the tea pot she hand-wrote invites to two of her friends inviting them over for a Teddy Bear’s Tea Party which was awesome, even if she hadn’t bothered to ask me if it was do-able (it wasn’t). But nonetheless, it has got her thinking creatively.

You get one giant teapot, then four cups with matching heart shaped saucers, really cute little matching spoons and a more manageable teapot and sugar bowl. Then it’s about letting your imagination go – and it worked a treat with H.

Minnie Mouse tea pot playset

Which brings me back to this Disneyland Paris thing. We’ve never grown out of Disney, and I know she won’t. Getting cute little things like this Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset keep her love of Disney alive – and keeps me relieved! Oh, and even though this is a Minnie Mouse set, two of the designs feature Daisy Duck – and they’re really cute.

The Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset is available from the Disney Store now, priced at £12.95. We were sent one for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own.

DisneyStores Launch the new Disney MXYZ Collection

Disney has just launched a new collection within Disney Stores – the Disney MXYZ collection!
Disney MXYZ Lifestyle, Disney MXYZ

Disney MXYZ (pronounced Mix-eez) is a new range which has just launched at the Disney Store. It is a fab new range which is geared towards the tween and teen age range (and possibly us older fans too).

The Disney MXYZ range is designed to Mix and Match. It features Mickey, Minnie, Stitch and Marvel. Each range has a wide variety of things from water bottles, journals, backpacks and bags, to file folders, journals, washi tape and more. (this is the point where I squeal “DISNEY WASHI TAPE – EEEK!!” – and it’s only £5.99 for three rolls too)

Disney MXYZ Minnie Washi Tape

The thing I like the most about the Disney MXYZ range is the price – ranging from £4.99 to £15.99 which keeps it within pocket money range as well.

Disney MXYZ Marvel bottle

My most favourite thing that I want to go out and buy because it looks awesome is a Mickey and Minnie backpack – because it has EARS!!! Proper ears!!!! I can’t help thinking we’ll look super cool if I could get one before our break in Paris (and our top-secret trip to Disneyland Paris which H still has no idea she’s going to) – and at £12.99 that’s an excellent price.

Disney MXYZ Mickey and Minnie backpacks

The Disney MXYZ range has a wonderful Japanese feel to it as well, and they’re going to introduce new items to the range on a quarterly basis.

Disney MXYZ Minnie Mouse

You can buy from the MXYZ range online over at the Disney Store and I suspect I’ll be heading to a store as soon as I can to check out the range. Never mind it being tweens and teens, us mid-40’s adults might like to buy a few as well. You never grow out of Disney! They’re available in stores now.

We’re posting this because we think the Disney MXYZ Range is awesome, we received no money or goods for doing this.