Minnie Mouse Tea Pot Playset Review

We were sent a Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset to review, read on to find out our thoughts!

Minnie Mouse tea pot playsetHow do you keep a BIG secret from a six year old? Like, a really big secret? Like, you will be going to Disneyland Paris on her birthday and she doesn’t have a clue? Especially when she says things like “well, hopefully I’ll like Disney next year” when we said we might be able to do it then.

I like to think I’m a clever mummy, I try not to state the obvious as much as I can (which probably means I do), and will often buy things so H can get to the conclusion I want her to in her own time. It seems to work… I am a master of puppetry controlling my girl from afar. Or maybe not. So when Disney offered us a Minnie Mouse Tea Pot Playset to review I jumped at the chance – as H doesn’t have a tea set – and she loves Minnie Mouse (and eek, she’s going to meet her VERY SOON!)

Minnie Mouse tea pot playset

When I was nine I went to play at a schoolfriends house, and his sister had a teddy bear’s tea party. I thought it was babyish… shame on me. But it made me realise H has never had one herself, which is I think, an even bigger shame on me. Doesn’t every child need a tea set to have pretend tea parties with their toys? This Minnie Mouse Tea Pot Playset does the trick.

Minnie Mouse tea pot playset

I really like the Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset – mainly because it all packs inside a giant teapot for easy storage. H enjoys tidying up! When we received the tea pot she hand-wrote invites to two of her friends inviting them over for a Teddy Bear’s Tea Party which was awesome, even if she hadn’t bothered to ask me if it was do-able (it wasn’t). But nonetheless, it has got her thinking creatively.

You get one giant teapot, then four cups with matching heart shaped saucers, really cute little matching spoons and a more manageable teapot and sugar bowl. Then it’s about letting your imagination go – and it worked a treat with H.

Minnie Mouse tea pot playset

Which brings me back to this Disneyland Paris thing. We’ve never grown out of Disney, and I know she won’t. Getting cute little things like this Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset keep her love of Disney alive – and keeps me relieved! Oh, and even though this is a Minnie Mouse set, two of the designs feature Daisy Duck – and they’re really cute.

The Minnie Mouse Tea Pot playset is available from the Disney Store now, priced at £12.95. We were sent one for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own.