Domino’s New Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls

Last weekend we had a chance to try out the new Domino’s Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls – I have to say, I was intrigued.

We’d decided on a movie night, and in most cases we would make pizza, but as a treat we ordered in a Domino’s meal deal – alongside a portion of their new Chocolate Twisted Dough Balls.

dominos chocolate twisted dough balls

Now, to me, dough balls are the kind of thing you get in Pizza Express – round, dough-y and plain. Add chocolate and the fact there’s a twist and I’m thinking of something like a roulade – made from dough.

What we actually received was this :

dominos chocolate twisted dough balls

When you look at the picture on the Domino’s website, my expectations were pretty accurate.

Ours resembled a chocolate chip cookie which was quite greasy. I wasn’t that impressed by it – but had to try it out. In fact, it tasted like a cookie too, I didn’t feel like there was much dough in there – it was almost like a deep fried cookie. Very weird. So I’m putting it down to it being so new that the Sutton branch didn’t know what I’d ordered or had mis-read it? There were definitely no twists involved in there either, as you can see – so it’s not like it could have collapsed in transit.

Ah, that’ll be because we were sent the wrong thing. Cookies.

dominos chocolate twisted dough balls

Anyway, regardless of this, they were edible enough, though a little too greasy for my liking.

I would really quite like to try the┬áChocolate Twisted Dough Balls sometime – let’s hope my local branch can get it right next time. Sigh!

Otherwise the pizzas we had were fine – tasted good and we had a lovely movie night – watching Tangled in case you wondered which of course we enjoyed.

We were reimbursed for our Domino’s Order, all opinions are my own and honest.