Keeping It Local – Tillee Vanillee

If you live in the Carshalton area, the name Tillee Vanillee may already be familiar to you.

Tillee Vanillee

Tillee Vanillee are a local business who make Natural Handmade Bespoke Confections – and there’s a lot of choice. If you live in Carshalton you may have come across Tillee Vanillee in our new grocers, Rhubarb and Bramley on the high street, or at the wonderful Calladoodles store.

Tillee Vanillee Hearts MarshmallowsIt just so happens that Rachael who owns the business is a mum at the same school as H, so when the chance to try one of her whisky and ginger marshmallows came about I jumped at it!

Oh my, it was divine too – soft in the middle and just right on the outside – both flavours came through well and I know next time I head into the village I’ll be picking some up.

tillee vanillee mothers day

Mothers Day hearts, soon to be dipped in chocolate – mmm!

This is where those of you who don’t live in Carshalton come in – Tillee Vanillee also do direct Mail Order – so you can order what you need. There are currently some heart-shaped marshmallows dipped in chocolate for Mother’s Day (on sale in Rhubarb and Bramley) – with loads more choice on the official site. Need Wedding favours? They’re covered. Gourmet Marshmallows? But of course. Hand piped gourmet mallows in a variety of flavours? Oh YES! What makes it even better is they’re not expensive – they’re a good price and taste delicious. I love that Rachael says “please get in touch if you like what we do and how I do it! – I’m more than happy to talk you through custom or personalised options if you would like something a little different to the products featured on this site”Tillee Vanillee Hearts boxTillee Vanillee also has an Etsy store – check out the range on offer there. Mmm!

Tillee Vanillee started making marshmallows, then moved onto macarons, and are now working on other treats from around the world – you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter too. I highly recommend that you do!

Tillee Vanillee