An Important Topsy & Tim Update

This was posted on the Topsy & Tim Facebook page this morning – in case you missed it, and it’s relevant for the episode next week (October 11th) ‘Lovely Mossy’

Topsy & Tim on Cbeebies

Mossy Storyline
(Plot Spoiler Alert!)

We can see there has been some speculation about Mossy on the Topsy and Tim facebook page over the past few weeks, therefore we are now confirming, for parents who would like to be forewarned, that we will be covering the death of Mossy in Episode 9 of the current series of Topsy and Tim. Episode 9 titled ‘Lovely Mossy’ is to transmit on Wednesday 11th November at 5pm (and again on Saturday 14th November at 10.45am and 3.40pm).

Also, at the end of Episode 8 titled ‘New Glasses’, Topsy and Tim see Dad head off to the vets to visit Grandma, who’s very worried about Mossy. Episode 8 is to transmit on Wednesday 4th November at 5pm (and again on Saturday 7th November at 10.45am and 3.40pm)

A great deal of consideration has gone into this particular story strand of Topsy and Tim. The current series sets out to reflect a time for the twins when there are many new emotional challenges to overcome as they grow up and settle into Year One at school. Topsy’s visit to hospital and Tim’s poor eyesight and subsequent visit to the optometrist reflect the sorts of challenges children of this age might face. We have been careful to handle these topics, and of course the big challenge of the death of a much loved pet, sensitively and we hope parents and carers will find these episodes useful as their children grow. In particular we hope parents/carers will find the episode Lovely Mossy valuable in helping their children experience, indirectly, the emotions involved in losing a much-loved pet. So if you do have any concerns about your child’s response to this storyline, we recommend you watch or record the episode or watch it on playback first and then watch it together with your child when you feel prepared for any questions they may ask.

This article may also be a useful guide – it’s written by the Blue Cross to help support a child at the time of losing a pet… (

After Episode 9 ‘Lovely Mossy’, Episode 10 ‘All Change’ (due to transmit on Wednesday 18th November at 5pm, then again Saturday 21st November at 10.45am and 3.40pm) concludes the series with a story, some months later, about other changes in the twins’ lives. There is mention that Mossy has died during this episode.

We hope this information helps.

Source – Mossy Storyline (Plot Spoiler Alert!) We can see there has been some speculation about Mossy on the Topsy and Tim… Posted by Topsy and Tim on Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Project 365 – Week 38

Sunday 13th September. So you have a crazy busy week and it gets to Sunday and you can’t not do something as that’s just weird. So we went to Box Hill, doing the Stepping Stones trail which is quite frankly the most leg-wobbly of walks down the hill, to then wobble over stepping stones and having a fear of falling in, then walking all the way back up the hill. Phew.

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Monday 14th September. My order from Toughees shoes arrived, and fortunately they fit H perfectly, so gone are the old scuffed in a week shoes to be replaced by these. So far, so good. So far not scuffed. *keeps everything crossed nothing will get scuffed again and I will buy Toughees for life*

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Tuesday 15th September. A new Oyster Card holder.

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Wednesday 16th September. We’ve pretty much stopped watching Cbeebies until today – when Topsy and Tim returned. This is H’s face when she watches them – pre Topsy getting appendicitis, mind as that would be a bit mean!

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Thursday 17th September. So H wants to be a goalkeeper at the moment, so I went to Decathlon and bought her some £4 gloves which also match her boots. She’s really happy about this!

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Friday 18th September. I had one of those moments where I wished I’d bought Eva Schloss’ book when we left the Dutch Resistance Museum, and you instantly regret it once you get too far away. So I ordered it, and it arrived. Not one for my commute, as I know I’ll be in tears again. Moving.

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Saturday 19th September. You can live somewhere for almost eight years and not spot something, then you wonder why on earth you’ve never seen it before. Then you read, and re-read and re-read one more time because it’s so wordy it makes no sense at all. I think it means don’t park on their driveway. I think?

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Topsy and Tim are Back!!

There is one happy little five year old tonight that I know of – she’s upstairs right now, excited. For a lot of the time she was in Reception she was obsessed every night, tuning in religiously to Cbeebies to watch Topsy and Tim – and they released the news today that Topsy and Tim are back!!

Topsy & Tim on Cbeebies

The new adventures will place them in Year 1, and tackle things which six year olds are likely to come up against – Tim needing glasses, going camping – oh it’s quite exciting really!

Here’s the info from the Cbeebies website

CBeebies original drama Topsy And Tim is to return to the channel for ten brand new episodes this autumn. The new series has been commissioned by Controller of CBeebies, Kay Benbow, and is made by award-winning production company Darrall Macqueen.

Topsy And Tim draws on the legacy of the books by Jean and Gareth Adamson, with a focus on big drama inspired by the small stuff in little people’s lives, and was the most successful series on CBeebies in 2014/2015.

The series returns with the same core cast, Jocelyn Macnab as Topsy, Joshua Lester as Tim, Anna Acton as Mummy and Chris Hannon as Dad – and with some bold and exciting adventures for the twins. All ten episodes are 15 minutes in length and are filmed from the point of view of the six year-old twins who are taking the next steps towards independence. The series aims to encourage children’s personal, social and emotional development as they identify with and learn from the twins’ experiences.

Topsy And Tim are now in Year 1 at Hatcham Primary School. The series follows their adventures inside and outside school as they face new, bigger challenges: a camping adventure with their great friend, Kerry, and her family ends up becoming a dramatic emergency. In another episode, Tim realises he might need to wear glasses. Across all ten episodes the twins encounter unexpected difficulties that they overcome together, making their family unit even stronger.

Topsy and Tim

We got to visit the Topsy and Tim set and watch them film the episode where they’re nervous about starting school almost a year and a half ago (which feels like yesterday). H swears by Topsy and Tim – it’s a soap opera for five year olds – normal stuff happening to normal kids. It doesn’t matter what I think, as for each fifteen minute episode she is giggling along with the twins’ stories – and she has grown up with the books. We’re delighted that Topsy and Tim are back, and we’re really looking forward to it starting! Roll on September….!

Topsy and Tim are Coming Back to Cbeebies!


Topsy and Tim are coming back to Cbeebies – there’ll be some episodes repeated from the 17th February at 5.30pm, with brand new episodes from Monday 24th February – so that’s a big hurrah from us!

We were invited to visit Twickenham Studios where it was filmed late last year to watch some of the final episodes being filmed – they finished a week or two before Christmas. I did a brief writeup over on the Adequate Parent. There are a lot of episodes so it isn’t going to disappear just yet though, so don’t worry too much!

So yes, tune in to Cbeebies next week and get ready for new episodes – we can’t wait!

Topsy and Tim – The Verdict!

Topsy & Tim on Cbeebies


At 5.30 last night (and tonight) someone aged almost four and a quarter told me to “ssssh. I’m watching THIS” and then sat in silence for ten minutes, her face had a smile as what was once just some books became a reality. Topsy and Tim with real people – not a cartoon.

She LOVED it! She giggled at the duvet monsters and looked wide eyed as the story started. It’s a huge hit in this house.

This initial run will be just fifteen episodes long for the first series, and lasting just three weeks. That’s okay though, as it will be back – we already know they’ve filmed quite a few episodes.

As for me, I was impressed. They’re not going to follow the books as such, but they’re staying faithful to them with ordinary everyday events – and it’s a nice touch at the end having a little memory game.

From chatting to other mums it sounds like it was a big hit for our four year olds (and us parents too) – don’t forget to watch it every afternoon at 5.30 on Cbeebies!

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