An Important Topsy & Tim Update

This was posted on the Topsy & Tim Facebook page this morning – in case you missed it, and it’s relevant for the episode next week (October 11th) ‘Lovely Mossy’

Topsy & Tim on Cbeebies

Mossy Storyline
(Plot Spoiler Alert!)

We can see there has been some speculation about Mossy on the Topsy and Tim facebook page over the past few weeks, therefore we are now confirming, for parents who would like to be forewarned, that we will be covering the death of Mossy in Episode 9 of the current series of Topsy and Tim. Episode 9 titled ‘Lovely Mossy’ is to transmit on Wednesday 11th November at 5pm (and again on Saturday 14th November at 10.45am and 3.40pm).

Also, at the end of Episode 8 titled ‘New Glasses’, Topsy and Tim see Dad head off to the vets to visit Grandma, who’s very worried about Mossy. Episode 8 is to transmit on Wednesday 4th November at 5pm (and again on Saturday 7th November at 10.45am and 3.40pm)

A great deal of consideration has gone into this particular story strand of Topsy and Tim. The current series sets out to reflect a time for the twins when there are many new emotional challenges to overcome as they grow up and settle into Year One at school. Topsy’s visit to hospital and Tim’s poor eyesight and subsequent visit to the optometrist reflect the sorts of challenges children of this age might face. We have been careful to handle these topics, and of course the big challenge of the death of a much loved pet, sensitively and we hope parents and carers will find these episodes useful as their children grow. In particular we hope parents/carers will find the episode Lovely Mossy valuable in helping their children experience, indirectly, the emotions involved in losing a much-loved pet. So if you do have any concerns about your child’s response to this storyline, we recommend you watch or record the episode or watch it on playback first and then watch it together with your child when you feel prepared for any questions they may ask.

This article may also be a useful guide – it’s written by the Blue Cross to help support a child at the time of losing a pet… (

After Episode 9 ‘Lovely Mossy’, Episode 10 ‘All Change’ (due to transmit on Wednesday 18th November at 5pm, then again Saturday 21st November at 10.45am and 3.40pm) concludes the series with a story, some months later, about other changes in the twins’ lives. There is mention that Mossy has died during this episode.

We hope this information helps.

Source – Mossy Storyline (Plot Spoiler Alert!) We can see there has been some speculation about Mossy on the Topsy and Tim… Posted by Topsy and Tim on Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Topsy and Tim are Coming Back to Cbeebies!


Topsy and Tim are coming back to Cbeebies – there’ll be some episodes repeated from the 17th February at 5.30pm, with brand new episodes from Monday 24th February – so that’s a big hurrah from us!

We were invited to visit Twickenham Studios where it was filmed late last year to watch some of the final episodes being filmed – they finished a week or two before Christmas. I did a brief writeup over on the Adequate Parent. There are a lot of episodes so it isn’t going to disappear just yet though, so don’t worry too much!

So yes, tune in to Cbeebies next week and get ready for new episodes – we can’t wait!

Mister Maker App – Let’s Make It

H has always felt like Mister Maker is one of her friends after she met him at the Brighton Baby Show a couple of years ago. The opportunity to try out the Mister Maker App ‘Let’s Make It’ was one I couldn’t turn down!

Mister Maker Let's Make It

Mister Maker is a Cbeebies favourite, and P2 Entertainment have devised an app based around his activities. H has been having a play with it when we’ve had chill out time, and is enjoying it a lot so far.

Mister Maker comments “I love having fun and being creative wherever I am in the world and enjoy being inspired by everything around me! Making things is always brilliant, whether with paper and pens, cardboard tubes and gloopy glue, or even digitally!”

Budding artists can create unlimited pictures with nearly 400 different art materials from the digital Doodle Drawers. This includes patterns, stickers, things to glue and funny faces. You can then design a frame for your masterpiece by experimenting further with items from the Doodle Drawers and personalise your creation by typing a special message.

Mister Maker Lets Make It Menu

Families can show off their art skills by taking part in the popular Minute Make challenges by choosing and completing items from two different themes: Nature and Underwater World.

Children can have fun with Mister Maker’s friends ‘The Shapes’ in a brand new multi-level interactive shape finding game. We found Mister Maker pops up quite a lot in this one, we had to tell him to be quiet…!

Throughout gameplay, kids can unlock a variety of materials for the Doodle Drawers as special reward content.

The game has up to four users with their own photo album and they can choose to email their favourite creations to the Mister Maker Gallery on the P2 website to be in with a chance of winning monthly prizes.

Mister Maker Lets Make it Contents

The app also allows children to take a picture using the camera function and then enhance their real world creation in Doodle Drawers or Frame It!

We’ve been playing this on our older iPad, so for the purpose of review I’ve also put it onto the iPad Mini where we can take photos and make silly faces with them, and H is really loving putting silly things on Daddy’s face. In turn I’m enjoying her creativity, and what she’s turned daddy into! This would be even better if you could use existing photos and add those to the gallery to edit them, rather than having to take new ones.

Mister Maker Let's Make It

Essentially it’s like having all the elements of crafts you’ll find in the Mister Maker show within an app; craft without the mess and ideal if you’re travelling and don’t want the mess. You can ‘glue’ things onto the picture you’re creating, and sprinkle various things onto it, glitter and so on. It’s pretty good and one that will help with fine motor skills.

There’s so much to do in this app that even after the short time we’ve had it I feel like there’s a lot more we can do – it definitely feels like something which will grow with H rather than being bored of it after a few months.

Mister Maker – Let’s Make It is available now at the App Store for £2.99. We received a promo code for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own and honest.