We Love Books – Brave Little Owl by Penny Little

H has fears – just regular fears that three year olds have, and plenty of night terrors, that kind of thing. We’ve just had a stretch of a month when she’d get up several times in the night having some kind of worry, but fortunately that seems to have gone. Now we can concentrate on things like jumping in the swimming pool, that kind of thing.

Brave Little Owl by Penny Little (and illustrated by Sean Julian) is about a little owl that can’t fly. Little owl is teased by her older siblings, and isn’t that confident.

Brave Little Owl by Penny Little

She falls out of a tree and when on the ground meets some other animals who tell her about things they used to be scared of, encouraging her that she can do it if she tries. Eventually Little Owl tries one last time and starts to fly, with all her family cheering her on.

It’s all quite lovely, and a good message to get across. I’m hoping with the right encouragement that H will learn not to be scared of things, and will get the message in the book and apply it to herself (with help from us parents of course). I’m glad this book exists as she does take in a lot of stories and understand what they’re about.

Brave Little Owl by Penny Little and Sean Julian is published by Red Fox/Random House, ISBN 978-1-849-41511-8 RRP £5.99

I was sent this book for to review on The Baby Website – all opinions are my own.

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