We Love Books – Froobles First Words and Fuzzy Christmas

Hey, is that the first mention of the dreaded C-word on here? It’s that time of year again, and if you’ve a child around H’s age (3) then these books may be ideal!

H and Froobles First WordsFroobles First Words is a nice simple book – and included are a set of magnetic letters – and a little sentence about each Frooble. Now, I’ve heard of the name Froobles though haven’t come across them yet properly – so this is a fun place to start. At the top of each page is a magnetic strip along with the letters greyed out – so if, like H, your little one is starting to learn to read, write and spell, this book is a really good starting point. It’s kept simple, half of the work is done for you, but H still finds it a challenge and enjoys it which to me is a good thing.

H and Froobles First WordsShe was also quite proud when she’d put together each word – nothing was too difficult and it was perfectly suited for her age and abilities.

Definitely worth looking into –  RRP £5.99, ISBN 978-1-84956-695-7

H and Froobles First WordsH and Fuzzy ChristmasFuzzy Christmas is similar to the previous book, though think more along the lines of Fuzzy Felt – you’ve a Christmas story book and a little story about each page – all you have to do is find the matching felt pieces for each page and stick them on – and like Fuzzy Felt it stays.

H and Fuzzy ChristmasH enjoys being creative, and this was right up her street. In fact, if she’d had her own way every felt piece would have been on the first picture – but as it was we went through it carefully and added to each scene. Again, she was quite proud of herself for getting it right and putting things in the right place – it’s a good book for the imagination, and really nice graphics too! RRP £7.99, ISBN 976-1-84956-963-7

Both books are published by TopThat! Publishing – and can be bought direct (Froobles First Words & Fuzzy Christmas)or via Amazon,

We were sent the books for review, all opinions are our own

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  1. I love the Top That! range of books because they are so attractive and educational. The Fuzzy Christmas is so much fun. We have the Froobles First Words app and it’s great.


    1. ohh now you say that, I think we’ve got the Froobles app too – how could I forget? The Top That range are lovely aren’t they?


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