What Does Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Feel Like?

This last week I’ve talked about my experience when we had a Carbon Monoxide leak. The question I’m asked the most is ‘What does Carbon Monoxide poisoning feel like?’

What does Carbon Monoxide poisoning feel like?

what does carbon monoxide poisoning feel like

You wake up and your head feels like there’s a lead weight in it. You get out of bed and you can’t stand up straight. Trying to stand up straight is difficult, you wobble about all over the place and try to focus. It feels a bit like a head cold crossed with an ear infection when you lose your balance.

The room spins a bit too.

Then a bit more.

If you can continue with your day you get dressed and get out of the house because you want some fresh air. The penny doesn’t drop though, it’s just fresh air feels nice, even if this is Zone 5 London Fresh Air.

By the time you’re on the main footpath to the station you realise you’re not walking in a straight line. You hope there’s nobody behind you because they might think you’re drunk. You then think “hang on, what am I doing anyway?” because you’ve forgotten. It helps to write as much as possible down because you forget everything.

There are things you remember. Where to stand to get on the train and get a seat. Seats are important when you can’t stand up straight. You assume it must be caffeine withdrawal because you’ve had to start drinking coffee again to wake up every morning, a nice strong filter coffee. You look at your phone for a bit, try and do some brain training but you can’t really focus because of this virus.

Your train pulls into the station for work, and now you have to deal with lots of people. People seem to fly from all kinds of places like a crazy Harry Potter movie when everyone is on broomsticks. You just need a clear way to walk to get out of there and to the comfort of your desk and the coffee machine.

But first you have to deal with the bus to work. Fighting for space with the schoolkids, trying to get a seat as you’re feeling a bit less giddy, you know it’s nearly coffee time. Yes, that’s what it must be. You need coffee and it’s affecting your sleep at night which is making you so giddy in the morning. Doctor Internet doesn’t need to tell you that.

You finally arrive at work, feeling pretty dizzy. You get on with your job because that’s something you can keep your head down and get on with, it’s always busy.

After a couple of cups of coffee you feel fine again! Beaten, virus!

Repeat every day.

Every day until you have a Gas Safety Check and the boiler gets switched off. Some leak or something. No heating but it’s okay because it’s April. You’re not entirely sure what the man said when he stuck that big danger sign on your heater because you feel a bit confused.

You wake up the next few days and think “brilliant! I’ve finally cracked this virus!”

Then the penny drops.

That time H was sick all over the bed.

The feeling the way I did every morning.

The fact our bedroom is next to the loft hatch so actually, if carbon monoxide is leaking in the loft, the first place it’s going to head is the bedroom.

I may have sworn a few times.

And a few more.

We were all very lucky.

It’s Gas Safety Week 2017 right now and that was my story.

So if I’m ever asked ‘what does Carbon Monoxide poisoning feel like?’ I reply with this.

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