Mayfield Lavender – Our Local Place of Calm

Mayfield Lavender

Lavender has wonderful, calming properties; I wish our local fields, Mayfield Lavender, were open all year. If only our climate allowed it! It’s sunny right now, and the perfect weather for a wander in the fields.

Mayfield Lavender is pretty easy to find. It is several acres of fields with several varieties of lavender. The fields are full of tourists taking selfies or movies, though fortunately there’s still room for everyone – even the casual local daytrippers like us.

Mayfield Lavender collecting rosemary beetles

Our other favourite thing to do at Mayfield Lavender is to check the creatures you will find. Often it’s the rosemary beetles on the lavender (we always bring a jam jar from home to collect them and hand in to the main shop), but today for example, we found some grasshoppers!

You will find many bees too, including ones which look pretty sick. Fortunately if you pick them up carefully and place them onto the lavender they seem to come back to life.

Mayfield Lavender bees

It’s scary to think something so important is suffering right next to an important food source. We rescued five bees today alone.

As well as the acres of lavender, Mayfield Lavender also offers a cafe, shop and food area. You can also find random things like a phone box in the middle of the field (we’ve still not worked out why) as well as a couple of shelters you can hire out for parties.

The food is reasonably priced and is all the usual standard stuff, with many lavender-related treats thrown in. Such is my rediscovered love of cider, that to find a Lavender Cider was a delight!

Mayfield Lavender fields 1

If you want an afternoon out in a field of lavender, then Mayfield Lavender is the place. It costs £1 per adult, children go free, and once you’ve paid parking is free inside (and there’s a lot more parking in there these days with more available up the road).

We tend to park over the road at The Oaks. There’s a pedestrian crossing which gets you safely to the fields.

Mayfield Lavender Fields

Check their website to find out when they’re open, plus they now also have a store in Epsom which I’ll be visiting after payday!

*Giveaway* Brownie Lottie Doll

So you may have read recently that we’re part of the Lottie Brownie Blogger Pack – and with that comes the opportunity to give a Brownie Lottie Doll away!
Brownie Lottie Giveaway

The Brownie Lottie Doll has been travelling with us. We’re back from Cornwall where she had a great time. She came with us to a few places, though there were some times it was best to leave her at home.

What can I say about the Brownie Lottie Doll? She’s pocket-sized, (although on more than one occasion we’d hear “is this your daughter’s dolly?” when she had fallen out) so maybe front pouch sized!

Brownie Lottie outdoors

She comes with a hoody, a scarf and elasticated woggle and there’s a load of accessories available too which we don’t yet have. One thing I really like is that Lottie’s shoes stay on. Brownie Lottie’s shoes don’t come off easily too, which is definitely worth pointing out.

The Brownie Lottie has a cool trefoil print on her t-shirt too. Lottie has knees that bend and arms that can be posed. If you’re good at balance you can get her to stand on her own too, which H enjoys doing. She also has hair you can plait!

Brownie Lottie box WAGGGS

Brownie Lottie is a Branksea Island Brownie, and is Girl Guide Association approved.

Here are some of the adventures she has been having…

Our holiday was at Coombe Mill. We decided it was probably for the best that Brownie Lottie didn’t help feed the animals!

Brownie Lottie at Coombe Mill

We did some exploring outside. She was pretty good at that.

Brownie Lottie Map reading

You can see her tucked into H’s pocket as she practises flying at Dyrham Park. Amazingly, this is one of the times she didn’t fall out! (I would insist your child holds on to Lottie at all times because of this)

Lottie in pocket

Doing some of the trails at Dyrham Park as well – you can see beautiful carved wood trees that you had to find. We also took her to Hidden Valley.

Brownie Lottie Sherlock Holmes Trail at Hidden Valley

So after sharing all these adventures Lottie has had (she is now safely back at home and hanging out with our football Lottie again), we thought you’d like to try and win one for yourself. So here’s our first giveaway in a while. We love Lottie Dolls. We love there is now a Brownie Lottie doll.

The winner will receive a Brownie Lottie Doll.  The giveaway finishes on the 28th August. Good luck!

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Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival – Our Review.

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival

We’re part of a book blog tour for Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival, a wonderful book which is out now!

Perfectly Norman by Tom Percival celebrates individuality in a really lovely way. Norman has always been perfectly normal until one day he grows a pair of wings. He has a wonderful time flying around, but doesn’t want anyone to know about his wings.

So he keeps a large coat on all the time. But that then stops him from having fun. He’s too hot to play in the park, and it’s very impractical when you’re having a bath too.

Eventually one day he decides to remove his coat. So do a lot of other people at the same time, and they all have wings too which they’ve been hiding. “the sky was filled with flying people! Norman had never felt so happy!”

Which in turn makes Norman realise there is no such thing as perfectly normal – just Perfectly Norman!

We’ve reviewed one of Tom Percival’s books on here which we also loved – he gets the message across to young readers really well.

Perfectly Norman is a lovely book, which has a great message in there too. There is no such thing as being normal like everyone else, because everyone is their own kind of normal.

As the back of the book says, ‘A bold and uplifting book about daring to be different and having the courage to dance to your own tune. Perfect for soothing even the biggest worries.”. I think it sums the book up perfectly.

We’re back from our holiday, where we did loads of fun stuff, including a National Trust trail at Dyrham Park which set a challenge of trying to fly like an eagle. It had a beautiful carved pair of wings in a tree trunk and while I didn’t quite get a photo of H mid-flight, she loves the idea of recreating a bird in flight and wishes she had wings of her own.

H flying at Dyrham Park

You can buy Perfectly Norman now, available in a softcover version from all good booksellers and of course places like Amazon too (affiliate link).

Perfectly Norman Banner

We received a copy of Perfectly Norman for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own. 

Holidaying in Cornwall – This is what we did!

We’ve just completed our third Cornwall holiday – and I thought it was worth doing a brief round up, if only to show this little blog some love!

Cornwall is a beautiful part of the country, and one we enjoy visiting. It’s quite a trek from London – on a good day it could be four and a half hours, and on a bad… well, let’s not think about that!

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We stayed at Coombe Mill. H had a wonderful time making new friends and doing the feed run every morning. Shaun and I also had a fab time, everyone was so friendly and it was a really lovely place to stay. None of us parents knew each others’ names, but we chatted every day! I’d highly recommend Coombe Mill as a family-friendly holiday place. There’s plenty to do there. I’ll write more about that in a while…

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We visited Padstow again, any excuse for me to visit the Seasalt shop (oh how I love Seasalt clothes), as well as buying a pasty from the Chough Bakery. I made exactly the same error as last year, getting a veggie pasty whose content leaked everywhere. Next year I will do better! Shaun and H both had Cornish pasties – when in Cornwall….

We parked over in Rock – we found a sidestreet and got free parking which saved a bit. We then took the ferry over to Padstow from there. You buy return tickets then come back at a time which suits you. The ferry runs approximately every 10 minutes and depending on the tide takes certain routes.

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After Rock we drove up the coast and discovered Daymer Bay, thanks to a recommendation from Jo and family. It’s a lovely long beach with good sand – H got to paddle and we got to build her a sand lamborghini!

We also revisited Polzeath with The Boy and Me gang. H and the boy both had a brilliant time together, sworn best friends for life (I think!). They’re very close in age, and it was nice to have H have a friend while on holiday who did several things with us. She’s never had that before. I’m grateful we kitted H out in Decathlon before leaving as she had grown out of all her bodyboarding wear!

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We revisited Hidden Valley Discovery Park which wasn’t as magical the second time (for me). H loved it again and this year I took a step back and let her find and solve more clues which she loved. We finished all three trails too.

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The main difference to last year was the outdoor parts have new clues. Inside is the same, though still as hard. Although we did use our phones a lot to remember things (especially on Moriarty’s Missions). It meant we got through it all way too quickly. It’s still a fun day out, but I think to visit there again there would need to be changes inside the house too.

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We drove along the coast a bit to Perranporth which is a huge beach with golden sand. It was nice to travel out a bit further and discover new places. I feel like we’ve somewhere we’d like to stay next year if we can get a good price.

We seemed to luck out with the weather too when we visited the beach, apart from on Wednesday when it poured down. Somehow we ended up lost on Dartmoor and eventually gave up on everything we tried (some caves, Bodmin Jail, as they were full and we were turned away), and headed for the Bodmin & Wenford Railway which was fun. We had a whole compartment to ourselves so pretended we were on our way to Hogwarts!

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Our week flew by, and by the time Saturday came we felt like we could spend another week in Cornwall. Next year we want to drive around several parts of it if we can get organised enough! We definitely want to head back to Lizard. We stayed there three years ago as there are lots of places around there we haven’t visited yet.

On our way out of Cornwall we popped back to Tintagel. It’s really close to Coombe Mill, the weather was good, and the views even better. There’s a lot to do there, so we went back to a part we missed last year. I think that only leaves the beach area we haven’t explored yet… I’ll save that for next year!

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We’re Cheering England in the Football!

Are you watching the UEFA Women’s Euro 2017 Finals? We are – all the games are on Eurosport so we’ve been watching a LOT of football.

scoring a goal in football

England are on a roll – we won all the matches in the group stage (which was pretty tense at times) setting up a Quarter Final with France.

Women’s Football is still a funny old game though.

This last week The FA launched a campaign with Disney, asking the England Women’s players which Disney Princess they identified with the most. Alas, they didn’t also ask the England Men which character they identified with too…

We recently bought an Amazon Echo which has been brilliant for a lot of things. We’ve been asking Alexa what the football scores are (when a game has been too good and we don’t want to flick between channels in case we miss a goal) and she hasn’t been able to answer. I flagged this, and received this as a reply from Amazon.


I understand that Alexa is providing the sports update for men’s football but not for the women’s football scores.

I’ve checked our records and I’d like to let you know that, Currently Alexa doesn’t support women’s football sports update as this feature is not available on Alexa.

As this is a newly launched device in UK, there are few features which need to be added. However, we are constantly working to add more features to the device at the earliest possible. I’ve forwarded your message to our Amazon Echo development team for consideration as we make further improvements.

I’m sure that they’ll carefully look into this and take necessary actions in the nearest future. I’d like to thank you for bringing this into our notice and please be assured that we’ll try to bring this option to the earliest.

Let’s hope so, eh?

Friday night @paniniukofficial sticker time #weuro2017 #paninistickers

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Meanwhile, in the neverending quest to fill H’s Euro 2017 Panini Sticker Book, shops are running out of stickers. This must mean they’ve been really popular – I’ve seen the starter kits at our local WH Smiths, they don’t stock the refills though. So far I’ve seen them in WH Smiths and Sainsburys, and that’s all. Things are getting better. Slowly.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an England Football Lottie doll? H has several, including the football kit – Brownie Lottie and Football Lottie watched the match together, apparently.

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H now has a subscription to She Kicks magazine – she’ll get a copy every month, and we’re loving the current Euro 2017 edition. If you want information about the Women’s game, then She Kicks is the place to go. In fact, it’s the only place to go – and it’s a great place to go.

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I had a conversation with one of our football-mad Brownies a couple of weeks ago. “Are you looking forward to the Women’s Euros?” I asked. “Oh, I don’t follow Women’s Football” she replied. I pointed out she was such a good footballer what if she ended up being a future Lioness… I think this is the problem with the women’s game. The funding of things like the SSE Wildcats groups needs to continue. Keep making football affordable and fun. Awareness is getting out there, make more clubs available for girls to attend.

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Accept that girls will like the men’s game as much as the women’s game, and make sure information about the women’s game is available. Get England Women playing at Wembley again. I realise this is difficult due to Tottenham playing there this season, but in the last three years they’ve played there once – opting for games in stadiums around the country for friendlies instead.

McDonalds sponsor a lot of Grassroots football. When England do well, get players on adverts on tv – you know, like they do with other sportsmen and women. Let’s have players getting equal billing alongside the men so people stop saying “who’s that?” and know exactly who they’re watching.

Things are getting better – having Little Mix do their Euro 2017 Salute campaign was brilliant! Even if half the girls at Wildcats weren’t keen on Little Mix they were happy to do a salute for England!

H doing her #salute for England’s #lionesses #weuro2017 #wecanplay

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Most SSE Wildcats sessions are coming to an end now, and we’ve found out Crystal Palace will continue. Our sessions have moved up in price from £1 a week to £3 which is still affordable. As well as this you can select which weeks you want to go.  We’ve decided to stick with Wildcats as despite our local club offering free sessions for girls, I feel like H is progressing better alongside other girls right now. That may change in the future but for now it’s what works best for us and we’re lucky to have the choice.

Assuming that England qualify for the 2019 World Cup in France, we’re definitely going. Definitely.

Just yesterday it was announced that Arsenal Ladies were going to be known as just Arsenal. The only time their gender will come into it is when it needs to. This is awesome news and I hope more clubs follow.

Of course, it also goes without saying, boys like women’s football too. Don’t shut them out while trying to encourage girls to play….

We’re in the Lottie Blogger Brownie Pack!

A Brownie Lottie doll has just been launched, and we’re a part of it. We’re joining in with the launch of the Lottie Blogger Brownie Pack!

The Lottie Blogger Brownie Pack is a group of former Brownies from various eras, some of us have children who are also now Brownies. How brilliant is it to be working with someone who has launched something we’re doing in real life?

Lottie Dolls need no introduction in this household. H has five of them – and a Finn, her little boy-chum. The Lottie’s and Finn live in our little cardboard dolls house which lives in H’s bedroom.

Lottie Dolls are suitable for children aged 3-9. I like that they’re normal little dolls. They have simple clothes and do fun things that most children will also do. They’re very relatable – and I think that’s why H loves them so much.

Back in the seventies I had similar with Amanda Jane dolls. I loved them SO much! My favourite was my Brownie Amanda Jane – I was delighted to discover there is now a Brownie Lottie doll.

H has just finished her first year at Brownies and loves it! In the year she has done Brownies she has done SO MANY BADGES. Seriously. Even better, she’s doing quite a few on her own. I love the independence Brownies is giving her and hope that we’re encouraging the girls to find things out and do more for themselves.

What I like the most about Lottie dolls is how they’re normal girls like H. They wear normal clothes and do normal things that H and her friends would do.

Having a Brownie Lottie is wonderful! H plays with her Lottie collection a lot – so having a Brownie one is ideal. I love that there are activity sets alongside the launch, and even better, you can buy the Brownie clothes separately, so brilliant if you already have Lottie dolls and don’t want to buy a new one.

How would I sell Brownies to someone who didn’t know? As a Brownie in the seventies I learned life skills – I think everyone did the Hostess badge, learning to make someone a cup of tea. Or learn how to tie various knots that might come in useful (then promptly forget them)?

My favourite thing was learning about Brownies around the world. I think that’s what makes me the happiest about Brownies. It is a worldwide organisation designed to make young girls have better skills in life and allowing them to grow.

Having Lottie team up with the Brownies is in my eyes, a perfect match. Over the coming weeks if you keep an eye on my Instagram feed or follow the hashtags #LottieBrownieDoll you’ll see lots of people sharing their pictures.

Lottie Blogger Brownie Pack, Brownie Throwback pic

Of course, there’s the obligatory #BrownieThrowbackPic – and happily I have just the one which I love! It would be around 1977-1978, though I didn’t seem to have many badges on my uniform. The first badge I did was the Brownie Friendship badge (which was really hard!) – apparently I was the first girl in York to do it.

Looking through a copy of the old Brownie handbook I can’t remember which other badges I did. I do remember having a brilliant time while making friends.

As the packaging says “The World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is the largest voluntary Movement dedicated to girls and young women in the world. Our diverse Movement represents ten million girls and young women from 146 countries. For more than 100 years Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting has transformed the lives of girls and young women worldwide, supporting and empowering them to achieve their fullest potential and become responsible citizens of the world.

We are delighted we are in the Lottie Blogger Brownie Pack! Now if only there was a woven badge to add to our camp blankets….

Lottie Brownie Pack Badge, Lottie Blogger Brownie Pack

FA Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations

future tottenham player, FA Girls' Football Week

Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations are happening NOW!

Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations are happening at the same time as the UEFA Women’s European Finals this year. England’s Lionesses are one of the favourites to win the UEFA Women’s European finals too. We beat Scotland the other night 6-0, and tomorrow night face Spain.

FA Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations happen this year from the 16th July to the 6th August 2017. It is a national campaign to raise the profile of female football and double the number of girls playing by 2020.

Last year more than 130,000 girls took part in sessions. This was in schools, universities, colleges, clubs, community groups and other organisations country-wide.  Activities include playing, training or just learning more about football.

Warming up with SSE Wildcats, FA Girls' Football Week 

Organisations can register their regular activities on the site, or start something new. It’s loads of fun and longer than a week this year too. It is a great chance to showcase female football from grassroots to England at the Euro’s, and to help inspire new players and volunteers.

FA Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations happen once a year every year – we’ve written about it before (2015 and 2016). We’ve always been lucky that there are football events near us, though a couple of years ago the word hadn’t really spread. As time has progressed everyone knows about it. Add to this the launch of a new website, For Girls.

For Girls is the FA’s website which is for women’s football – there are profiles for all our England players, with plenty of facts and information. There are news articles and loads of things which are relevant to the women’s game.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if England won the Euro’s? It was so close in the World Cup two years ago. Watching two years ago I felt a different sense of pride towards the game. It really meant something when I’d fallen out of love with the England men’s game. It was like we were the underdogs of our own country. Nobody expected us to do as well as we did. But we were brilliant! We came away so proud of the Lionesses achievement finishing third.

So now Girls’ Football Week is celebrating the Euro’s with the Lionesses and loads of activities for girls all tied in.

SSE Wildcats Girls Football Club, FA Girls' Football Week

We’ve been going to the SSE Wildcats at Crystal Palace weekly since our first session which H LOVES attending. I’m seeing a whole new side to her since we started, with far more confidence. She wants to be the goalkeeper or a defender and is bossing the rest of her team from the back and knows where her other players should be. Our Wildcats sessions are over (we can’t make the last two sessions) and are going to start again in September, going up to December – and I’m delighted. You can book here, sessions are based in Caterham and are £3 a time.

Girls' Football Week Euro Celebrations
Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations with Coach Charlotte. H got a Lionesses sports headband (which is perfect for her) and a new water bottle – as well as player pictures, a wallchart and an SSE Wildcats certificate.

Today we had a Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations session, with games featuring the England players and goodies for the girls afterwards – Lionesses ones too! Right now H feels like she’s a part of it, and that’s brilliant. It helps the support and even if she isn’t the best football player out there, she’s playing and having fun. That’s what it’s all about – taking part.

FA Girls’ Football Week Euro Celebrations has a website – head over here for more information to find out what is planned where you live. Our group did their Salute for England (which is not yet online) – have yours yet?

This is part of the FA Project we have been participating in. We have received a fee for our time. 

Mix It Magazine – A New Fun Magazine Out Now!

Mix It Magazine is a new monthly magazine suitable for 4-9 year olds. We received a copy of Issue 1 & 2 to share our opinion with you!

Mix it Magazine

Mix It Magazine doesn’t have one particular subject, it has many. Issue 2 is out now and just checking inside I thought it was excellent.

If I was to mention the following brands to you and you nod your head in agreement, Mix It Magazine is one your child will love.

Rainbow Magic…. Shopkins… Minions…. DC Super Hero Girls…. Lego Friends… Masha and the Bear…. LOL Surprise…. Glimmies…. Lalaloopsy…. Puppy in my Pocket… Miraculous…. Little Miss…. and my favourite…..

The bit I loved the most was having a whole page of Powerpuff Girls stickers! Shaun and I both love the PPG and love that since the relaunch they have a new audience with H’s age range. Beyond the stickers there are activities too. Issue 1 has some great Powerpuff cutouts with the Townsville background. I can’t think of many magazines that would feature them, Mix It Magazine feels a great match!

Mix it Magazine Powerpuff Girls

Mix It Magazine is targeted at girls without being too girly. There’s an element of kick ass cartoons in there too as well as lots of different puzzles.

Each issue has branded cover gifts – Issue 2 has a Miraculous dance wand, hair bands and lip gloss set. H is enjoying putting the lip gloss on! Issue 1 had some nail files, nail stickers (which we’re saving for the summer holidays), toe separators and some nail varnish which H has already decorated her toes with..!!

Mix It Magazine is multi character, so you’re never sure who you’ll get in the next issue, but you get a good idea looking at the covers.

Mix It Magazine also features YouTube vloggers Creative Celeste and Emily Tube with a page about all the things they like. They’re a similar age to H, so that appeals to her.

H’s favourite part of the magazine was Lego Friends. One thing (apart from football or Harry Potter) you can always rely on her doing is sitting in the corner playing on her Lego table creating things. We had Merlin Passes for a couple of years and visited Legoland several times. H spent a lot of that time in the Lego Friends area.

There’s plenty of Shopkins bits too. She has a few bits which make good props for her dolls house. (which currently houses five Lottie dolls and a Finn) Mix It Magazine covers a lot of topics that would cover a wide range of girls.

Mix It Magazine Issues 1 and 2

Mix It is available now – Issue 2 has just come out, and you can still order Issue 1 here. Issue 3 will be on sale on the 10th August 2017. You can buy Mix It Magazine in all good newsagents and supermarkets!

We were sent Mix It issues 1 & 2 for the purpose of review – this is paid content and all opinions are our own.

Women’s Football, A Bit of Opinion

scoring a goal in football
I’ve loved football for as long as I can remember. I was never taken to a game by my parents – I took them to theirs. The only reason for that was my younger sister being a ball girl. My teams are Tottenham and York City, my main and home team.

I have suitably brainwashed H, so they are also her teams – and it took minimal effort too. As time has progressed we’ve found ourselves watching a lot of women’s football.

Women’s football is so different these days. It’s much easier to play against other girls for a start. We’ve been attending the SSE FA Wildcats sessions at Crystal Palace, and have watched the FA Cup Final at Wembley three years in a row.

H at Wembley

Things are improving outside of our family too. Just today Lewes, a lower league team has announced they will pay the women’s team the same wages as they do the men’s. They have launched Equality FC and I think it’s brilliant!

When you look at the structure of the women’s football league, this diagram helps you see how much things are growing.

Tottenham won the Women’s Premier League Southern Division, whereas Blackburn won the Northern one. The two teams met in a play off with Tottenham gaining promotion to FA WSL Division Two.

Womens football pyramid

England women (aka the Lionesses) are in The Netherlands getting ready for the UEFA European Championships which start very soon. We joined in a Twitter chat on Monday with Casey Stoney who we interviewed a couple of years ago.

Magazines like She Kicks are growing too – a fantastic place to read about women’s football. I’ve bought H a year’s subscription as part of her birthday present. After all, she’s loving collecting the stickers in her Women’s UEFA European Championships album – why not back that up with a magazine too?

It all feels like we’re on the brink of something big happening. Exciting news came this week that Little Mix have launched a campaign with the FA to get everyone to Salute the Lionesses. Check out this video and share your salute too!

What a fab fun campaign. There are plans for H and her Wildcats friends to do a big salute for England this weekend coming which is awesome! I can’t help thinking how brilliant I would have found it if there had been an equivalent when I watched my first World Cup that England featured in (1982 – I just bought the records instead). While this isn’t H’s first tournament, it’s the first one she feels a part of.

The FA recently launched their new site, For Girls over here. I love it. It’s a great site for girls of H’s age to learn about women’s football players.

Girls Football Week is on the horizon too – stay tuned for more news about that very soon! We’ll be supporting it again for the third year in a row.

So yes, I can’t help thinking that right now it’s great being female and a follower and participant of the women’s game. Things really are growing and getting better and it’s a really exciting time!

Amazing Magazine – Learning While Having Fun

Amazing Magazine

H is almost 8, and finishing Year 3. She’s about to head into Year 4 and is still loving school – coming out with a glowing end of year report. I’d like to think that a lot of her learning is due to the extras we find along the way. When Amazing Magazine asked if we’d like to review a copy I jumped at the chance. Amazing Magazine is an excellent magazine which combines learning and fun.

Amazing Magazine is for 6-11 year olds, so is ideal for H – she’s nearly 8. We were sent a copy of Amazing Magazine for H to try. It fits in with the national curriculum, covering topics that they’re likely to cover at school.

The issue of Amazing Magazine we received was an Oceans themed one. Inside it contains puzzles like a crossword (not too tricky) and some maths puzzles which wouldn’t be out of place with H’s current homework. Add to that a bit of decoding messages and a wordsearch, a section on languages and Moby Dick in cartoon form over two pages, and you get the idea.

Amazing Magazine Moby Dick

H says “I like the Great White Shark poster, and the facts about it are pretty cool.”

“some of the puzzles are easy, but I did find a couple a bit tricky” (good, we need to get those braincells working!)

“the writing is nice and clear and I enjoy reading it”

” I learned how to say ‘look, a dolphin’ in Italian too – that was cool! and ‘I feel sick’ in Mandarin. Oh, and ‘watch out for a shark!’ in Spanish.” (in fact, she repeated them all really well – I found out later there’s a handy pronunciation guide with it!)Amazing Magazine How Do I Say

There’s a section about illnesses when you’re diving which H found quite interesting too.

Amazing Magazine Health
I like that there’s a theme in each issue. It’s the kind of magazine you would keep, knowing that the topic may come up at school over the next year or so and that you have additional activities which your child has found helps them learn. It doesn’t feel like it would ever go out of date.

H and Amazing Magazine disappeared upstairs for a while and there was a lot of quiet. There was more than enough inside to keep her occupied! I’m looking forward to reading more.

H and Amazing Magazine
For more information about Amazing Magazine, please head to their website. A 12 month subscription with Amazing Magazine currently costs £49.00. Each individual issue is £6.99. We have been gifted a year’s subscription to Amazing Magazine. We received a copy for the purpose of review, all opinions are our own.